Long Distance Run

Define Market Factbase & Growth Strategy

We enable companies to improve their sales performance in Asia: First, it’s all about understanding the locals markets, and secondly it’s about defining a comprehensive Strategy for Growth – whether they have an own local presence or if they use local distributors.

Establish a Market & Customer factbase which highlights where to grow and how to grow

Define a Market Expansion Strategy based on the opportunities of the local market

Provide on-site support to identify, assess and select the right distribution partners to turn a Strategy into Action

Market Evaluation Review
How big is the market potential?
We establish a transparent Market Factbase
Strategy Review
How effective is the current sales and marketing strategy?
We conduct a distributor mapping to choose the right partner
Health Check of current sales and service organization
How efficient and effective is the current sales/service team?
We develop a sound Sales Marketing and Service Strategy

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