Hong Kong

Our Services

We enable companies to improve their sales performance in Asia by defining a comprehensive strategy for growth. We assess and turnaround the local sales organizations by introducing a well-proven, structured sales and service approach – whether they have an own local presence or if they use distributors. We manage and improve your current sales partner as it would be our business.

We begin our work with each client by clarifying the fundamentals of the business context and strategic agenda, as well as the performance model of the business. From this platform of shared understanding, we design a custom approach that draws on our deep capabilities and broad experiences in order to deliver the greatest performance impact for each client.

We have built distinctive capabilities in three areas that we have found are particularly key to our clients’ success:

Our Solutions

We designed our solutions around the needs of our customers: get the transparency on the situation in Asia, turnaround their Sales Partner and continously manage their Sales Partner to grow

All our services are built on four distinct Building Blocks. They are based on years of experience and can be freely combined to match exactly your individual needs.


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